Monday, April 26, 2010

amplifier (music tips)

guidelines to avoid errors guitar tone
 The most important in rock music is the outward appearance, had a fender guitar logo, in the eyes of the players are better than the squier logo

the poison - the all American Rejects

Tyson Jay Ritter, born April 24, 1984 in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is one the founders of The All-American Rejects. She lives in Destin Florida after the success of The All-American Rejects, and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2009 where he stayed briefly. In May 2010 Ritter moved back to Florida. Apart from its role in the band, Ritter has been working as an actor in film and television. He performed as himself in American television medical drama House, MD, appeared in the episode "The position of the fetus," which aired April 3, 2007 on Fox Network. She also appeared with other members of the band in the season six episode television series Smallville Season 5 episode "Wither", is "It Ends Tonight." He also appeared in his first film, The House Bunny, in the year 2008.

finger gymnastics techniques (guitar lesson)

in guitar technique, there are methods that call the finger gymnastics. This method is the first method that must be mastered if one wants to become a great guitarist.This method works so that your fingers are not stiff when playing guitar.