Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tips for guitar tone is awesome (guitar lesson)

10 tips for a powerful rock guitar tone: Here I will give tips for setting his guitar and effects to your guitar playing more attractive and look perfect, because the games are fascinating not only for visits from a guitar playing skills but also the views of the ability of setting tool in use.only here you can learn how to play the guitar online

  1.  wearing the right guitar guitar election must comply with the songs that will bring, Less paul pickup type or another Humbucker tone is fat and heavy rock. while the type Strat for blues sound with this you will get a satisfying rock sound.
  2. use the right pickup with a good neck pickup for leads his heat and tone on mid.but if you want a stomping rhythm and leads a high-pitched, bridge pickup is what you need to select
  3.  not too much distortion remember the more distortion you use, the more difficult to hear what you are playing, and it can ruin your rhythm guitar playing.
  4. leads but when you play a single note leads, setting a very high gain can increase sustain, creating extraordinary harmonics, it makes your guitar sound like 5x more expensive.
  5. compressor if you use a compressor, Put before the distortion in the series of securities to avoid feed back microfonik.
  6. delay to refine your guitar leads, add a delay of 200-400 ms. to tone, distortion, and the flow between 20% to 50% of the main signal, making any changes to solo like a professional game.
  7.  leads rock rock leads can sometimes be improved by raising his little mirage
  8. beautify rhythm rhythm can more beautiful by reducing the overall sound a bit mid of
  9.  vibration settings you can avoid an ugly guitar tone with a good vibrator settings
  10. and the last to play clean, not to fals you should be more diligent to learn to play the guitar 

and the following tips for a series of devastating effects:


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